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We invite all to worship and grow in sharing
God's love to all the world.

Come to the Banquet

Join us for Holy Week
Holy Wednesday
7:00 pm     Service of Confession and Forgiveness

Maundy Thursday

Noon     Service with Reflection and Healing
7:30 pm     Service with Healing and Stripping of the Altar

Good Friday
7:30 pm     Reading of the Passion and Adoration of the Cross

8:30 pm     Youth Vigil Overnight

Holy Saturday
9:00 am     Adult Vigil (sign up in the narthex)
Noon     Community Children's Egg Hunt
8:00 pm     Easter Vigil Service

Resurrection Sunday
8:00 am     Festival Service with Holy Communion
9:15 am     Easter Breakfast
10:30 am     Festival Service with Holy Communion

On a weekly basis, Mount Zion Lutheran Church celebrates Holy Communion.  God invites all who believe in the Real Presence in, with and under the bread and wine to come to the banquet table of grace.  Through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God calls us to be a part of His gracious love.

Therefore, Mount Zion church will not be similar to the world.  We will not conform to a life that separates, categorizes and justifies acts of elitism and lifestyles built on anxiety.  We are one body, as we come together knowing that God reconciles all sinners.  God calls us all to repent and ask for forgiveness -- to be loved for who we are, people of God empowered to share His love to the entire world.   We at Mount Zion will always extend an invitation to all to join us at the banquet table of grace. 

Our Mission
The mission of Mount Zion Lutheran Church is to spread the Gospel in accordance with God's plan by ministering to the spiritual and human needs of all people through our gifts, talents, and our love in Jesus Christ.

Our Services 


Regular Schedule

8:00 am - Liturgical Service with Holy Communion
9:15 am - Sunday School for all ages

10:30 am - Liturgical Service with Holy Communion, Children's Sermon
Summer Schedule
8:00 am - Liturgical Service with Holy Communion
9:30 am - Liturgical Service with Holy Communion, Children's Sermon

September - June
Noon - Prayer Service in the chapel
Advent & Lent
7:oo pm - Vespers in the chapel

7:30 pm - Liturgical Service with Holy Communion in the chapel

1st Saturday of the Month
4:00 pm - Service of Healing & Meditation with Holy Communion

3rd Saturday of the Month
4:00 pm - Service of Peace & Unity with Holy Communion

Incliment Weather Alert
In case of inclement weather, please call Mount Zion Church (757-7626) to find out if activities are cancelled. Pastor Brian will place a message on the voice mail.

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